Have you planned well to provide for money at key educational milestones for your child ? Besides this have you ensured that your child is well provided for career supplements like setting up his/her business or profession, specialized education & training, a Car for 1st day in college or even marriage. Your child is your most precious possession and it is your prime responsibility to secure his/her future. You may have made some investments for your child’s education, but is your investment tailor-made for your child’s needs till he makes a living on his/her own?
We suggest you a plan that :
Total value grows steadily & beats inflation & rising educational cost
Remains intact even on occasions of emergency
Provides withdrawal facilities
Guarantees education even if you are not around
Provides tax benefits to you
Types of Policies :
ULIP policies (If You want a policy that has the potential for asset appreciation & one which can help offset the negative affects of inflation,; you want to withdraw amounts from your fund regularly to take care of your child’s education and other various milestones).
Traditional policies (If you want Insurance cover to meet your child’s, you pay a fixed premium amount & get a reasonable accumulated cash value which grows with each premium payment).
Our goal is to ensure your child gets the best under any circumstances. Contact us for more information or no obligation discussion on your requirements. Visit download sections to see details of these plans.
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