You require Life Insurance primarily to ensure that your family will have all that you're working so hard to provide - a home, kid’s education, career, marriage, regular income and the resources to live in comfort - should something happen to you. Another important reason to choose Life Insurance is Tax benefits – all income received by you is Tax free. We have partnered with the leaders (ICICI Prudential, Bajaj Allianz, Reliance, LIC, etc) to provide you this income & several products.
Types of Policies :
Term policies (If you want pure Insurance cover upto a certain age with lowest premium amount but no cash value)
ULIP policies (If You want a policy that's permanent and accrues substantial cash value; which you can borrow against for any purpose; you want the option to skip premium payments; you want the potential to earn a higher returns and create wealth even though there's a risk that your rate of return could drop – you can offset this by choosing balanced funds & by switching between funds; you want flexibility and control; you want to withdraw amounts from your fund regularly to take care of various milestones like marriage, kid’s admission to nursery, foreign travel with family, kid’s higher education, your retirement, buying property, etc).
Money Back policies (If you want Fixed returns at fixed intervals; premiums are paid for entire term).
Whole Life Insurance policies (If you want Insurance cover to meet you needs, you pay a fixed premium amount & get a reasonable accumulated cash value which grows with each premium payment).
Long Term Care policies (If you want access to the highest quality of care and don't want to trade the wealth you've accumulated over a lifetime to pay for your care of the 6 Critical Illness, be it treatment at Hospital or recovering at home).
Our goal is to help you deal with unforeseen circumstances as effectively as possible. So, we put a high level of security for you and your family within reach, Security you can count on, Security depends upon strength and stability. You'll find it here.
Our goal is help you create wealth. So, we suggest you a life policy that gives potentially higher returns (30% to 50% per year), that gives additional bonuses,that can be easily modified to meet your changing needs and financial status, that allow you to adjust the amount of your coverage,that gives you option to skip payments and withdraw your money whenever you need them.
How do we go about it ? Visit download sections to see details of these plans. Contact us for more information or no obligation discussion on your requirements.
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