The recent spurt in economic growth in India has seen a number of Non Resident Indians (NRI), Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) & Foreigners investing in India. Income to you from India comes Tax Free. You may take back (repatriate) all the income to the Country where you are staying without paying any Tax in India
You are an NRI if you stayed outside India over 180 days in previous year or you have been staying outside India but are a citizen of India. You are a person of Indian origin if you are born Outside India & your parents or grand parents were born in Undivided India. You as Foreigner can invest in India if you are staying in India since over 1 year. Did you know that deputation abroad for more than six months make you an NRI ?
In each of these categories, you don’t have to pay any Income Tax on your income coming from several specified investments like ULIPs, Insurance, Retirement, Child Education & Wealth Creation Plans. We take pride in mentioning that almost all the above avenues have been giving you yearly returns averaging to over 40% since last 12 years.
I have good news for those non-resident Indians and Persons of Indian Origin who have left Indian shores and have little or no intention of returning to India permanently in the near future.
The rupee still not fully convertible, however, thanks to liberalization, the lid on the reparability of the rupee is being slowly lifted. India has taken a giant step in the direction of full convertibility through master circular 5/2003-04 dated July 1, 2003.
Accordingly, NRIs and PIOs and also foreign nationals (including retired employees or non-resident widows of Indian citizens) can -- through Authorized Dealers -- remit up to $1 million per calendar year, out of the balances held by them in the Non-Resident Ordinary Rupee account and sale proceeds of assets, for all bona fide purposes.
Now, not only the income arising from these assets but also the base capital can be converted into forex of their choice and taken abroad.
The process is simple; there is no need to approach any authority. A trip to your bank or a mail sent to it with a request to do the needful is more than enough.
You can take $1 million during the first year, the same amount during the second year and so on. Therefore, an NRI should indulge in need-based repatriation instead of doing so at one go.

You always have the opportunity of investing in pure-growth, open-ended, debt-based schemes of mutual funds and ULIPs either on a reparable or non-repatriable basis.

Thanks to NRO becoming reparable, & India slated to be the World’s 3rd Largest Economic Super power by 2015, 2nd Largest Economic Super Power by 2050 & World’s 1st Human Capital Gold Mine by 2050, you should invest in India without any hesitation.
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