Managing your money is important as you get older. There are new financial management issues to consider with retirement. Your income may decrease significantly when you retire, causing you to change your spending habits. Affording expenses such as health care may bring new challenges. Another significant challenge is being able to support yourself and possibly a spouse through the rest of your lives within a new financial outlook. Another reason why people buy Annuities is that people today are living longer. And it's not unusual for retirement to last 30 or more years. A deferred variable annuity provides the option to receive guaranteed payments for life, even if you live beyond 100 !
Because your pension & gratuity will not likely support you through retirement, you will need alternative sources of income. Should you save and invest toward a goal amount of money, should you use calculators where you can estimate how long you will need to save and how much each year, should you continue working even through retirement, should you build your portfolio through a laundry list of options such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, fixed deposits & more which can be confusing as you sort out your money matters.
Types of Policies :
Immediate Annuity (If you wish to pay lump sum at or near retirement by lump sum & immediately convert into a series of income cheques paid monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly; if you wish to get guaranteed income payout & fixed interest rate),
ULIP policies (If You want a policy that provides growth potential & income protection; If you want an insurance contract which can give you access to certain income, death benefit & wealth protection; you want flexibility and control; you know that you should provide the retirement income you'll need to maintain your standard of living or cover your monthly expenses & inflation).
Traditional policies (If you want a predictable growth and stable performance with no stock market volatility; you want a secure retirement income that is not dependent upon circumstances beyond your control; you know that you should provide the retirement income you'll need to maintain your basic needs or cover your monthly expenses),
The Retirement plans offer vide range of annuity or payout options, too. Do you know how much would be your monthly income / expenditure considering the inflation, which doubles each year? We must ensure that your monthly income after you retire continues to be same received by you the month before you retire. Contact us for more information or no obligation discussion on your requirements. Visit download sections to see details of these plans.
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